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I, Rhaenon, was born on the 9th of April, 1996. As I grew up I discovered drawing. Drawing became by main hobby throughout elementary school. I became quite good at it, but I always wanted to become even better. In that same period, I read an absolute ton of books. I was mostly interested in fantasy, science-fiction and historical stories. Fantasy because I myself had quite the imagination. Science fiction because it usually is about technology that we don’t have. I love technical things, and science fiction had a lot of them. Historical stories because it taught me history in a fun way. Because of the stories I was interested in history and started learning about it. Because of all the reading, I wanted to write too. Writing became my second hobby.

Then elementary school was over. I went to secondary school. Here I discovered Adobe Photoshop. I was into it the moment I saw it. For me, it was the next step in drawing. I chose an optional subject that was all about Photoshop and learned fast. I was and am still into photomanipulation and designs. Photomanipulation was interesting because it was a real challenge, since I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. In design, I learned simplicity was the way to go and a limited colour palette looked better than random colours. I still like colours that get along.

Currently, I'm studying Industrial Design.

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